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Rollers Manufacturing Waterjet Facility
Right from our inception since 1986 our Managing Director Mr. H M Singh who had a versatile Multi Industry experience after Professional Qualification in Die & Mould Making from Indo Swiss Training Centre (ISTC) ventured into import substitution of Calender Bowls & very rapidly got a overwhelming support within the country which soon spread all over the world by virtue of excellent value for money & quality on unquestioned service support to all its customers.
While our business associates like 3M, Richard Hough, ECK Haubold & David Bentley (we mean competitors) have been in business many decades before we got a World wide acceptance, our present customers have never felt let down after they evaluated us first time & have remain committed ever since.
Rollers Manufacturing
We have yet to come across any manufacturer that offers Enzyme based Bowl Conditioners, Laser Guns, Steel Box Packing, Multi Grooved Shaft, Forged & Waterjet cut Flanges all under one roof which directly enhance the product quality.
We now cater to a wide spectrum of Industry like Dry & Wet Textile Processing, Textile & Paper Calendering & Embossing, Liquid Squeezing in Cold Rolling Mills, Automobile Car body press lines etc. besides highly critical area of squeezing in VSF Viscose Fiber industry.
Techaids Techaids Techaids Techaids
Besides creating infrastructure a complete attention on stocking critical raw materials like Bowl Papers, Non wovens, Shafts etc. from world's best sources has been given to minimize delivery periods without compromising on last minute needs for orders to be executed in a jiffy.
Waterjet Facility
Our Waterjet Jobshop is India's Best & fully equipped with 2 nos. OMAX USA machines to handle single jobs of upto 4M x 2M including lifting magnets or vacuum cups for both magnetic & non-magnetic jobs in a safe way for many engineering applications like Rice Polisher Mesh, Lautertun Mesh, MEMS Pyrex Glass Window cutting, Heavy structural component, SS Flanges, Exotic Metal cutting like Nickel, Titanium, Monel Metal.
Techaids Techaids
We are the only Indian company with most versatile facility to cut from delicate glass spiral to 40mm thick Titanium for any possible or impossible jobs with a high degree of accuracy.

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