Nip Load Calculator

The 3 most common reasons for premature roll failure are:

First: Side Burning / Uneven Temperature

Second: Improper or in adequate Conditioning

Third: Excessive loads

Over the years OEMs & Customers are gradually getting enlightened about the first 2 causes but the majority of the customers & even some OEMs are still oblivious to the fact that Gauge / Set hydraulic loads do not independently tell the ACTUAL loads on the Roller NIP. For example 80 BAR Set on a 160mm diameter Hydraulic Piston corresponds to 32 TONNES but 80 BAR Set on a 220mm diameter Piston corresponds to 60 TONNES!!!

Similarly linear loads on NIP differs at different working working faces even if everything else remains constant.

In our quest minimise premature roll failures & maximise the output per rupee, TECHAIDS® will train & equip our customers with documentation for maintenance & best operating practices. We request you to kindly use this calculator whenever placing a New order with us as all Rolls manufactured at TECHAIDS® are tailor made for each specific Load & Application.

Max Permissible Linear Load

Textrude ® Sleeve Rolls 350kg/cm
GLOSVAX 2.0 ® Cotton Rolls 300kg/cm
GLOSVAX ® Cotton Bowls 200kg/cm
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