Hardox Wear Parts

Hardox® wear plate is the world’s leading abrasion-resistant (AR)
steel. Hardox® is hard through and through, from the surface deep
down to its core, giving you extended service life and high productivity in the most challenging environments.

TECHAIDS is the official convertor for SSAB in India & offers ready to use (including drilling & tapping) pre-hardened & tempered components for Cement, RMC , Construction , Mining , Agriculture , Re-Cycling Industries. Hardox is available in hardness upto 60 HRC.

We machine all our HARDOX plates with CNC Waterjet, with single job sizes upto 4000 mm x 2000 mm x 200 mm, resulting in ZERO material distortions or micro-cracking of edges commonly seen while cutting with Plasma or Laser.

Common Applications: Screens, Liner Plates, Shredder Knifes.

All products are warranted & supplied with Test Certificates.

Call us now for prototyping or production runs & we ll help you convert your existing products to HARDOX.


Stainless Steel 250BHN
Mild Steel 90BHN

Service Life vs Cost

  • Life
  • Cost

In our tests it has been found that HARDOX can perform at-least 5 till 12 times more than Mild Steel & at-least twice as more as Stainless Steel.

More Service Life = Less Breakdowns

Additionally, in certain applications HARDOX has been found to perform at par with D2 grade of steel which needs to be hardened & annealed after machining making the entire process a little too complicated.

CNC Waterjet Machined Hardox Screens
Ready to use Hardox Knifes (Left Hardox-Right D2)

Yes. Inspite being extremely hard & tough HARDOX can be machined,  drilled , tapped & welded. Please contact us for machining guidelines as different grades need to be handled differently.

Type of consumable play an important role in deciding how to prepare the component for welding.

Hardox is available from 0.7mm upto 160mm with maximum widths & lengths upto 3000mm & 14000mm respectively. (These dimensions may vary from grade to grade).

If your components are exposed to sliding wear from very hard abrasives of 900–1000 Vickers (HV), they can substantially increase their wear life by using a 600 Brinell wear plate.

Not only can you use Hardox 600 to replace wear plates having a lower hardness, but you can use it instead of hardfacing and overlay plate, white iron chromium castings or ceramics. Thanks to its properties, Hardox 600 can withstand the impacts that often lead to fracture and destruction of these materials.

+ High wear resistance

+ Machinable

+ Easy access to steel plate

+ Uniform properties

+ Weldable

Though conventional cutting methods like laser & plasma are possible on some grades of Hardox it will still change the material properties, microstructure & the edge will be susceptible to micro cracking.This phenomenon is known as HAZ or (HEAT AFFECTED ZONES).

Grades like Hardox 500 & above are always recommended to be processed with AWJ (Abrasive Waterjet) as this process does not leave behind any HAZ. Moreover the edge finish is far far superior when cut with AWJ.

Techaids has India’s Largest & Most advanced waterjet job-shop with 4 OMAX USA machines.

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