Legacy Child. 32 Years Later..

Pain 1 : Any fabric. Any width.

NIP Re-Defined

World’s First Z Type Machine with infinite NIP Variations for known & unknown applications due to Anti-Deflection Camber Free design of a True Chill Roll.

Pain 2 : High Operating Costs

Crafted. Not Fabricated.

Entire NIP load directly transfers to the fabric as frame does not distort on load due to close box construction based on Helical gearbox & IE3 Motor.

Pain 3 : Bulldozer Effect of Sleeve Over Cotton Loads

Twin Independent Loads

Affect the loads on the Sleeve Roll dangerously a/fect the life of the Cotton Roll but NIPTECH totally overcomes this anomaly with surprising flexibility, leading to very low downtimes & remarkable jump in roller life. Max loads are pre locked & can 't be over-servoed by operators.

Pain 4 : Consistent Quality Each Time

3 Zone Heating

With a mind boggling set of preset menus on the PLC for established qualities it will no longer need continuous supervision besides spot simple override commands by your TFT touch screen.

Pain 5 : Mechanical Maintenance

Customized Peripherals

NIPTECH bearings are manufactured with special clearances for Calendering & come directly from the manufacturer’s production line to ours.
Precisely 9 degrees Inclined Machine Frame 6 Centre Split Alloy Steel Pedestals takes away the laziness often seen in essential maintenance.

Pain 6 : Hydraulic System Failures & Leakages

Optimized. Secured. Improved

Resolved by the use of digital solenoid valves and zero leakage hydraulic seals which are further controlled through a PLC avoiding any human interference.

Pain 7 : CS Issues Specially on Darks

3 Zone Heating

German make long wave Infra-red heaters back insulated with inbuilt thermocouples for instant startups with additional support of Steam Knife.

Pain 8 : Side Roll Burning

Air and Steam Knife

A major pain on a Calender is the side burning of the rollers. Our Air & Steam Knife not only deliver heat & moisture where necessary but also take away heat on sides when differential temperature shoots up on the sides. Micro-Drilled holes minimise consumption of Air & Steam.

Pain 9 : Roller Life

Glosvax & Textrude & Niptech

Even within a highly compact CNC cut machine frame Cotton Roll / Polyamide Sleeve Roll & Chill Roll are minimum 30-50% heavier & offer longer NIP Time. This adds both to product quality 8 roller life.
As an idea 680 mm (27") dia NIPTECH Cotton Roll weighs 2750 kgs against 1880 kgs 610 mm (24") dia cotton roll.

Chandigarh : Tri-city of the Focused

Kalpana Chawla
Abhinav Bindra
Kapil Dev
Yuvraj Singh
Milkha Singh’s Home Town
Brig Chandpuri’s (border movie) home town.
Sachin Bansal & Binny Bansal
Former PM Manmoham Singh’s karam bhoomi as a professor at PU
Techaids has India’s best and Largest Water-jet cutting faciilty & NIPTECH would not have been POSSIBLE without our World-class Water-jet facility.

Bearing Pedestal Front Split CNC Machined
Machine Frame Alloy Steel CNC Machined
Bearing (180MM Journal) C4 Type 23036
Machine Configuration 2 NIP / Boxed / Type Z
Gearbox Make Bonfiglioli
Gearbox Type Helical-Direct
Transmission Efficiency 98%
Motor RPM Output 300 – 1800 RPM – 12 -72 MPM VFD Based Motor Input
VFD Based Motor Input 11 kw / 15 kw
Efficiency Class IE3
No. of Hydraulic Cylinders 2 + 2
Max Operating Load 70 Tons
Single / Twin Load Application Yes
Individual Min / Max Liner Road 80-400 KG / CM
Technology Long Wave IR Based
No. of Zones 3 Independent Zones
Rated Capacity 3 Zones x 9.6kW Each
Metal Detector E+L
Cloth Guide E+L
Multi Purpose Steam Knife / Press Techaids

Resolve Calendering